- contemporary lakeside retreats - 'Get closer to nature'

What the papers say...


"There are exemplary developments such as the Lower Mill Estate in Gloucestershire, where sustainable construction, ecology and design come together in one feel-good eco cuddle."

Kevin McCloud, The Sunday Times


"We just love being here - the minute you get out of the car, you just get this overwhelming feeling of tranquillity."

The Daily Telegraph


"A complete showpiece village of landmark new homes by some of the best architects in Britain and the world."

The Sunday Times


"I have to report that it certainly transcends the merely very good, peeking well into the remarkable sector of the market."

Financial Times


"What it offers seems to be a combination of ease and comfort: the level of involvement in everything from planning to moving in, to swimming with otters, is up to you..."

Country Life


"International architects have designed strikingly modern houses for a waterside development in the Cotswolds."

Today Programme Radio 4


"Perhaps a quality standard to aim for is that offered by the upmarket homes to be found not far away in the nature reserve of Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds."

Sunday Times


"Only one fifth of the development is for housing, with the remainder set aside for the nature reserve."

The Times


"The cacophony of natural sounds on Lower Mill is completely captivating."

Financial Times